Ripples - how one person affects others

Can Marma therapy affect society?

Can Marma therapy affect Society?

On a retreat in Italy a few years ago, I gave a Marma taster session to a man who had never experienced Marma therapy before. Within minutes, as a few Marmas were enlivened by gentle touch, he went very deep. At the same time, a silence descended on the whole room. Everyone in the room seemed to be drawn into some deep area within. It was then that a thought popped into my mind: ‘Marma Therapy is a technology for world peace’. I’ve been turning that thought over in my mind ever since.

Recently, I gave a talk about Maharishi Marma Therapy to around 20 people. I thought the talk was supposed to last around 40 minutes, so I kept asking if it was time to take a break. But people just asked me to carry on. As part of the presentation, I gave Marma taster sessions to a couple of people from the audience. The same thing happened again. There was a deep silence in the room, and everyone seemed very absorbed in the experience.

The organiser wrote to me afterwards. She hadn’t been able to come to the talk herself, but heard about it from her deputy. ‘He told me how absolutely lovely your presentation was, how those there wanted more. If they did not want to refill their coffee mugs, that is quite something! – and the wonderfully positive effects your healing had on your “guinea pigs”. Robert shared with me how the energy changed when you were doing your healing work…’

Client asks for improvements in society!

Then, a week or two ago, a client asked for the intention (Sankalpa) for the treatment to be improvements in society, the collective, rather than just for herself. She had been coming for regular treatments for a couple of years. Early on, she was concerned about an issue with her back (scoliosis and winged scapula). There were also associated emotional issues. She asked if Marma Therapy could help. I said that our intention could be for an improvement in the back and then we would see what happened.

After some treatments the back seemed much improved and was no longer experienced as a problem. Then there were some emotional issues that resolved, then the client requested distance treatments for family members who were experiencing specific issues. Finally the day came when she asked for improvements in society through her own treatment.

How could this work? Well, one explanation could be that we are all part of society so, if we improve our own situation, then we are changing the collective. In other words, if a forest is to be green, the individual trees in the forest have to be green.

An extraordinary prediction

There’s a second possible level of effect, which links to the ‘Maharishi Effect’. The great Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made an amazing prediction in the 1960s. He said that if even a small percentage of a population practises Transcendental Meditation, there would be changes in the whole of society. And, a few years later, researchers found that crime rates and accident rates fell when 1% of the population of a town/city learned Transcendental Meditation. And this finding was replicated many times in different countries.

The explanation given was that, at the deepest level, we are all connected. So when one person ‘transcends’ and experiences that level at which we’re all connected, it’s like throwing a pebble into a pond. The ripples spread far and wide and affect everyone in a positive direction.

How this links to Marma therapy

And this is where this finding links to Marma therapy. So many people report that when they have a Marma treatment, they ‘transcend’ and experience a delightful area of inner happiness, which many call ‘bliss’. In fact, this afternoon a friend from America came for a treatment while stopping over in the UK on his return journey to the US. When I asked him if he remembered anything about Marma therapy from his last (pre-pandemic) treatment in 2019, he said: ‘I remember transcending!’

Last week another client described the experience in other words. She spoke of the experience as being one that she had always been looking for, and now it came, ‘as a gift’…

So can Marma therapy affect society? The experience is that it does affect other people. And, according to the understanding behind the Maharishi Effect, this profound experience affects not only ourselves but – everybody! Who knew? Now you can tell yourself that the treatment is not just for you but for the whole world! And you’d be right. Although the results may take longer to manifest…

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