Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There’s a special Marma treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was very surprised when my Marma teacher Dr Ernst Schrott told us about it. Surprised, and a bit sceptical. I was used to Marma treatments bringing about profound relaxation, but improvements in a condition as specific as CTS?

But then I went to a well-being fair to give Marma taster treatments. I was busy all day but just before the fair closed, one of the stallholders came up to me. Would I give a treatment to her husband, who was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and had been for some time?

Although it was the end of the afternoon session, I fitted him in. I just followed the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome protocol that Dr Schrott had taught us. The treatment doesn’t take long. I had one request for the client – could you let me know if there is any change? Then I waited.

And waited. Days passed and I sent a message to ask how he was getting on. No answer. Then I saw his wife at another well-being fair and asked about her husband’s CTS. She said it had completely gone after the treatment.

It’s an interesting thing: once our pain has gone, we often lose all interest in and memory of a problem that may have troubled us for years! We just want to get on with our lives.

Sometimes it needs more than one treatment. A client came for a treatment because her right shoulder was hurting. It had been painful for some months. The first treatment reduced the pain a lot, and then she mentioned that she had numbness in the fingers of the right hand.

So I also did the CTS treatment for her, and later taught her how to do it for herself at home. I recommended doing it daily.

She did it for a couple of days and found the numbness receded, so she stopped doing the self-treatment. A little bit of numbness continued and I suggested she do the treatment daily for a while. Then she told me that it had gone away completely.

Oh, and the shoulder pain was completely gone after a second treatment, too.