Crooked finger straightens

Crooked finger straightens: Tania, a lovely yoga teacher, who was organising a Well-Being day, came for a Marma taster session – and to check me out – as I had offered to take part in the event.

She had fractured the little finger of her left hand two years previously. Then,  when the bones fused, the finger was crooked. About a month before she came to see me she had taken some photos to send to her doctor The doctor suggested pinning the bone to help straighten the finger.

It was lovely to meet Tania and I was looking forward to the event – the first since the pandemic. I gave her a standard Marma taster treatment plus a hand treatment.

A few days later she sent me a message: ‘I only noticed last night how straight my broken finger has become since my Marma session, it’s amazing! It’s had more movement and less pain than it’s had for two years and now it’s almost straight again…’

She also asked if I would like before and after pictures – of course I said yes!

This was the message she sent with the pictures:

‘Hi Marek, here are the photos of my finger…

These first three are the ones I sent to my doctor a month ago as she was concerned that it needed pinning to straighten it…  The last one shows it pressed against a wall to get it as straight as possible.


These next ones I took this morning and tried to recreate the same angles.


The difference is amazing. It’s nearly straight! Isn’t that a wonderful testimony to your Marma treatment?

Thank you!’

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