Deep relaxation during Sukshma Marma Therapy

Deep relaxation

Here’s what 10 clients have said about their experience of deep relaxation during Sukshma Marma Therapy:

  1. ‘It was amazing! I’ve never been so relaxed. I feel all shuddery. So gentle, so relaxing. Breathing got so shallow – questioned whether I was breathing at all. Quite overwhelming. Like I’ve been transformed. That was amazing!’
  2. ‘For 3 days (after last treatment) felt very good, calm, relaxed. The day after, everything seemed clearer and brighter. Would like to have this every week.’
  3. ‘When you were treating different parts (hands/knees..) after you treated them, it’s like they weren’t there. Happened about three times. Complete state of relaxation. If you’d said you’d removed the bed from under me and told me I was floating, I would have believed you.’
  4. ‘It was wonderful – absolutely. That was relaxation to a different level.’
  5. ‘Incredibly relaxing, brilliant. On verge of drifting off. Normally with massages I can’t switch off. Here I found that I started to think about something and then just stopped.’
  6. ‘So relaxing – now I feel like I’m flying!’
  7. ‘Lightness, colours, deep relaxation.’
  8. ‘Just wanted to say thank you again for the treatment yesterday, was truly amazing and today I have no pains or stiffness anywhere, and feeling very relaxed. Thank you.  Still feeling very relaxed after the lovely treatment, have been telling people how wonderful it is.
  1. ‘That was extraordinarily relaxing’.
  2. ‘Sukshma Marma therapy is such a revolution. So gentle yet so incredibly powerful: I never knew I could enter such a deep state of relaxation from such a gentle touch. I highly recommend Marek.It truly is a wonderful, wonderful treatment. I’ve had many treatments over the years, various different kinds, it’s such a gentle touch and it takes you to a real level of relaxation, so deep, so deep, it was wonderful.’

If you would like to experience the deep relaxation of Sukshma Marma Therapy, or would like more information, please let me know at or 07946 386290