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Do Less and Accomplish More

Do less and accomplish more* 

We’re always being told ‘To succeed, you have to try harder’. ‘Do more.’ ‘Put more effort into it.’ ‘No pain, no gain’. Well, sometimes the opposite is true. The most obvious example of this is in Transcendental Meditation, where the process is simple, natural and effortless. In fact, if you put effort into it, that reduces the technique’s effectiveness. Sometimes you have to do less and accomplish more.

But there is a similar principle in Maharishi Marma Therapy. It’s not up to the therapist to ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ the patient. That work is carried out by the inner intelligence of the body. After all, when did you last heal a cut? You might clean the wound and put a plaster over it, but it’s the body’s intelligence that does the healing. Some time later you look again, and the cut has miraculously gone!

Which is one of the things that makes the life of the Marma therapist so rewarding. All that the therapist does is to enliven the body’s inner intelligence by a gentle touch on selected Marma points, and the body does the rest.

How does this work?

How does this work? Well, according to Ayurveda, in addition to the physical body, we also have an energy body. Life energy, called ‘Prana’, flows through the 72000 channels or Nadis in the energy body. If we make some mistake, like eating something that disagrees with us, or have an experience that is too much for us at the time, this can leave an impression. These impressions can cause blockages in the flow of energy. And the blockages can result in physical symptoms.

But, as we know, the body also has wonderful healing mechanisms. The life energy – Prana – is flowing through the energy channels anyway. If we can just enliven that flow, it can wash away the blockages. Then physical and emotional issues resolve. So this is what the Maharishi Marma therapist does. Using a gentle touch on the body’s energy control points, or Marmas, this is enough to enliven the flow of energy, and the body does the rest. ‘Do less and accomplish more!’

So, for example, when treating clients with lower back pain, there are a couple of particularly important Marmas. Quite often a gentle touch on those points can help resolve even long-standing problems. One client said after a single treatment: ‘I feel I’ve got a new back’. And someone with carpal tunnel syndrome found that it disappeared, again after a single treatment.

There are of course conditions where additional Marma treatments may be needed. Or even other modalities may be required. For example, Panchakarma detox treatments, or herbal supplements, or dietary or lifestyle changes may be needed. And of course, we would seek medical advice as required.

Plus…it’s very enjoyable!

But it’s surprising how helpful this simple Marma therapy can be. And even if it does not immediately resolve the problem, it’s an enjoyable therapy in itself. Many clients have spoken about the deep relaxation, silence, and even ‘bliss’ of the treatment, something that lasts afterwards, too. This is because, in addition to helping with specific issues, Marma therapy also reconnects the individual with ‘Atma’, their deepest Self.

  • I first heard the phrase ‘Do Less and Accomplish More’ from the great Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, when he was talking about Transcendental Meditation.