How many Marma treatments will I need?

Years ago, before I knew about Marma Therapy, I had a slipped disc. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have done handstands in the swimming pool. The pain was excruciating and I started having massage treatments in addition of course to taking pain medication. First of all, I had a massage treatment each day, and then weekly for six months. Each week I would feel some  improvement but getting better took a long, long time. (Dancing helped!)

The effects of Marma Therapy can be immediate

Results from Marma Therapy tend to be much quicker. Often, a back problem can resolve with a single treatment. Sometimes two or three treatments are needed. And if the problem is very long-standing or severe, a series of treatments may be required.


After the first treatment I say to clients: if you find this helpful but the problem is not completely resolved, book another appointment.


One lady with a back problem said after just a single treatment: ‘I feel I’ve got a new back’. Another client did not even need a full treatment, A simple one-minute treatment while standing was sufficient to release the muscle spasm.


A third client with long-term back problems needed daily treatments for a while, but commented: ‘My back’s getting better by leaps and bounds, thanks to the miracle treatments’


A couple of weeks ago a client came with pain in the shoulder and neck and some numbness in the fingers. After two treatments she said that 95% of the pain had gone and all that remained was occasional numbness in the fingers. I taught her a simple procedure to do at home and she reported that this dealt with the issue.


A client who had an accident and lost her sense of taste and smell had a short (15 minute) taster treatment and then a full treatment and reported that taste and smell had returned.


Someone with a long-standing headache came for two treatments and reported that 90% of the pain had gone.

And if you don’t have problems?

This is where Marma Therapy gets even more interesting. Since the network of Marmas connects with ‘Atma’, the inner Self, treatments are wonderfully relaxing and blissful in themselves. This makes them balancing and delightful. So clients also come for regular treatments, once or twice a month, just for the blissful relaxation of the treatment and for the well-being they experience afterwards. One person commented: ‘As ever, thank you for a beautiful treatment on Friday in your safe, warm haven. Of course, I felt amazing afterwards and have continued to float through the weekend.’

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