Marma therapy during Italian Baptism

Unexpected Marma Therapy treatment!

I wasn’t expecting to do Marma therapy during the baptism!

We just attended a family baptism in Italy conducted by a priest who radiated kindness and good humour. At the end, as he was going to the vestry to sign the certificate, the priest tripped and fell on the tiled altar floor. He had trouble getting up, his hand was shaking, and I wondered if he had had a stroke. It turned out that he has Parkinson’s and sometimes his leg gives way. We helped him up, proceeded to the vestry and did all the signing.

I waited till everyone had left and then asked him if he was in any pain. He said his leg was hurting, so I did some Marma therapy for it and then returned to my pew. A few minutes later he came out, told me that the knotted and painful muscle in his thigh had stopped hurting after the (very) brief treatment, and asked if I could help with his shoulder!
So then I gave him a Marma therapy treatment for his shoulder. He said he would pray while I was treating him and I said the silence between the words was more important than the words. At the end of the short treatment he was able to move his arm more freely, and then he asked how much he owed me – of course I said there was nothing to pay, and he said he would say a Mass for me. He kissed me on the top of my head and made a sign of the cross on my forehead. It felt like a wonderful blessing.
Sometimes it’s these accidental treatments that are the most delightful and rewarding. Another unexpected outcome is described in the blog ‘Crooked Finger Straightens’ –