Miracles are everywhere! After a quarter of a century living by the sea, I’m still amazed at tides – rivers, marinas and harbours filling and emptying every day, twice! And isn’t it wonderful that we can press a switch and the light comes on?

So when people sometimes say that the results of Marma therapy are ‘miracles’, I’m delighted to hear about the benefits they have experienced, but I know that it is just the nature of the body to react in a particular way to a specific stimulus.

These are some of those ‘miracles’: a finger that had grown crooked after a fracture a couple of years previously became straight after a very short treatment; a client who had fallen down the stairs four years ago and landed on her head, finishing up in hospital in an induced coma for several weeks followed by months of rehab, had lost her sense of taste and smell. After a treatment of her face and head, taste and smell returned – somewhat intermittently, and not quite as before, but they returned to the point that she had an ‘emotional’ reaction to egg and chips! And even bought a scented candle.

A restaurateur who limped in with severe back pain which affects him periodically was able happily to walk out – he said: ‘are you sure your name is Marek and not Jesus?’!!

A lawyer with a sinusitis headache which disappeared after a few minutes’ treatment said: ‘Miraculous. These are miracles.’

A lady with back issues said: “My back is getting better in leaps and bounds, thanks to your miraculous treatments.” Someone with a headache who had a few minutes’ treatment said: “I came here with a headache, now it’s gone. Result!” Someone with carpal tunnel syndrome found their symptoms went after a five minute treatment… and the list goes on.

How does Marma therapy work? We know from Ayurveda that, in addition to the physical body, we also have an ‘energy’ body with 72,000 channels (known as Nadis in Ayurveda – these would be equivalent to the meridians in acupuncture etc.). These channels converge and join at certain points on the body, making these special points – the Marmas – very significant in treatments.

Each of the Marmas is connected to all the other Marmas through this network of channels, so when you treat one, you are treating them all, while of course certain Marmas have a particular connection to certain organs, joints and systems in the body. The energy body also provides a connection between the body and the environment, so the Marmas are a kind of cosmic switchboard between different parts of the body, as well as between the physiology and the environment.

Blockages in the channels, or Nadis, can result in physical symptoms – by treating the Marmas in the gentle way taught in Maharishi Marma Therapy, the energy is enlivened, which encourages free flow of energy, blockages are released and people report that they feel better, sometimes within a very short time of the treatment. Et voilà! Miracles!