Shoulder and neck pain

Shoulder and neck pain

Neck and shoulder treatments

Shoulder and neck pain is very common. Here are some results of neck and shoulder treatments:

A client told me she was afraid of going to sleep, because a long-standing neck and shoulder issue was getting very severe. The pain would wake her up at 2am and she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. She came for one treatment.

The following morning she wrote: ‘Good morning Marek, just had to let you know that I had no pain in my neck last night! And I’m feeling so much better today, the best I’ve felt all week.’

Some months later she added: ‘I was only thinking yesterday that I’ve had no more problems with my neck since that one session you did, that’s amazing!

A client with a frozen shoulder and shoulder pain came for a short taster treatment at a wellbeing fair. After the treatment, she was able to move the arm about 20 degrees more than before, and could no longer locate the pain. She said ‘I can’t understand that!’

Someone else with shoulder pain said: ‘I so loved the treatment. Particularly my right shoulder feels 100% healed since the treatment, and it had been bothering me since before Christmas. So, that was major.’

And another client reported: ‘The treatment was lovely, thank you. I felt very peaceful and relaxed and the feeling stayed with me for days! My neck and shoulders felt much better by Friday evening and I haven’t been bothered by the pain since.’

And a dance-related experience: my dance partner didn’t look comfortable, so I asked her if something was bothering her. She said her shoulder was hurting, and had been troubling her for some time. I asked permission and then put my hand on the shoulder with a gentle Marma touch. She confirmed it was the right place. We then changed partners for the next dance.

A few minutes later she came back to me and asked ‘What did you do?’ I asked why, and she said that the shoulder was feeling a lot better. She then came for a couple of Marma treatments, after which the pain disappeared. An extra benefit was that the numbness she was feeling in the fingers of one hand also eased.

If you have shoulder and neck pain and would like to know more about Marma therapy or would like to have a chat about it or book a treatment, please contact me on or 07946 386290. I look forward to hearing from you.