Surprise Messenger Treatment

Surprise Messenger Treatment!

I recently wrote about a client who was asking for results from Marma treatments that weren’t directly connected to herself ( Well, this same client came recently for a treatment with an interesting three-part intention (Sankalpa).

The first part was for her husband’s backache to go away. I suggested he come for a treatment but she said he wasn’t the kind of person who went for treatments. The second part was for a friend to reach out for help, as she really needed it. And the third was for ‘the best outcome’ in an issue affecting two other people.

When she returned today for her next treatment, I asked about her husband’s back. She said that it had improved from the day of her previous treatment. And the backache had resolved completely within 2 days. Wow!

After today’s treatment, she said that she had remembered something else. Last time I had mentioned to her that my hands were drawn to give additional attention to a particular area of her back. I looked at my treatment notes and saw that I had written: ‘drawn to area of spine below Brihati – circles and upward movement’.

She said that – although she hadn’t mentioned this to me at the time – this was the specific area where her husband had had the backache. I felt goose-bumps all over – I’m not used to doing messenger treatments!

Out of interest, I asked about the second intention from that treatment. The lady told me that in fact her friend had reached out for help, with a positive outcome. And the third intention? Apparently this remains a work in progress – but is going in the right direction. Still, two out of three ain’t bad…

Why the title ‘Surprise Messenger Treatment’?

‘Messenger treatment’ or ‘Messenger diagnosis’ refers to one person having a treatment or diagnosis on behalf of another – they act as the messenger. And the surprise – well, that was mine.