Relaxing Marma massage therapy

What is Marma Therapy – I’ve never heard of it!

When someone says this to me – and a lot of people do! – I say: have you heard of acupuncture or acupressure? ‘Of course’ ‘Well, Marma Therapy has the same understanding, which is that in addition to the physical body, we also have an energy body, with energy flowing through.’

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the word ‘meridians’ to describe the channels where the energy flows. Ayurveda – which is where Marma therapy comes from – uses the word Nadis, but it’s the same idea. Ayurveda tells us there are some 72,000 of these channels, and that they converge on specific points on the body. These are the Marma points. This is why the Marmas are so useful in treating patients.

Blocked energy – meridians and Nadis

Sometimes the channels, or Nadis, get blocked, and when they are blocked, then the energy can’t flow freely. This can result in physical or emotional symptoms. What we do in Maharishi Marma therapy is to enliven the energy that is already there, and when the energy is enlivened, then it starts flowing again and releases the blockages.

Gentleness is the key

And how do we treat the Marmas? Very carefully and tenderly! In Maharishi Marma Therapy we don’t use needles, we don’t use pressure, we don’t tap, it’s just a very gentle massage treatment using wonderful blends of essential oils. The gentleness is the key!

You know how it is when someone approaches you aggressively – you tense up and shut down. And you know how you react when someone approaches you in a friendly and gentle way? You just relax and open up. And it’s the same with the Marmas – when you treat them gently, they and the whole physiology just relax and open up – and the result is that people relax very deeply very quickly.

107 or 108?!

In the traditional literature – the Sushruta Samhita – there are 107 Marmas listed. This is interesting, because it’s always 108 that is the important number. So what is missing from this list of 107 Marmas that would make it up to 108? My wonderful teacher Dr Schrott explained that the 108th is Atma or the inner Self (capital S) of the person. So when we treat one Marma, this enlivens the whole network of Marmas throughout the body, and when this network is enlivened, then this enlivens the person’s inner Self. Which is why people feel reconnected and at peace during a treatment.

When the body relaxes, it heals – it’s what the body does when it has an opportunity to rest. This deep relaxation in itself is profoundly healing. In addition, each Marma has a special connection to a specific organ or organ system or joint. We use this knowledge to treat specific Marmas in a specific order in order to bring about specific therapeutic effects, like easing back pain, reducing shoulder pain, sinusitis, headaches, emotional issues, so many different conditions.

So Maharishi Marma treatments are delightful in themselves and also very helpful in a range of conditions. To find out more, book a treatment or contact me for more information.