Who invented Marma Therapy?

Who invented Marma Therapy? A couple of weeks ago I gave a Marma Therapy taster treatment to a client at a wellbeing day. Afterwards they said: ‘But that’s what I do for my children – anybody can do that’. I said ‘yes’ – they were quite right, Marma Therapy is nothing exotic. It’s just an extension of what every loving parent does with their child. If the child has a stomach ache, you will naturally put your hand on the child’s tummy to help soothe the pain. Or if they have a headache, you may put your hand on their forehead. If they’ve fallen over and bruised their knee, you will hold that and ‘make it better’.

This will be the case wherever we are in the world. The reason is that the human physiology is structured in a specific way. In addition to the physical body, we also have an energy body – some people can see this. Energy flows in this body through – according to Ayurveda – 72,000 energy channels, called Nadis. And these channels converge on specific points on the skin, called Marmas. Physical trauma, surgery, bad food, or emotional overload can create blockages in the channels. When there are blockages in the channels, energy is unable to flow freely and this can cause physical symptoms.

The Marmas are always there and everyone knows something about Marma Therapy. Everyone is capable of reducing pain by loving touch and attention – even if they don’t know the name Marma Therapy. There are also many other therapies that use the same principal energy points, including acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, EFT and others. In addition, there are of course many sub-points that are also important in treating patients.

Gentleness is the key

So what makes Maharishi Marma Therapy (sometimes called ‘Sukshma’ Marma) unique and who invented it? Well, what makes the Sukshma approach unique is contained in the meaning of the word Sukshma – it means gentle. Gentleness is the key. You know how it is when someone approaches you aggressively? Your defences go up and you shut down inside. And you know how you react when someone approaches you in a friendly and gentle way? You relax and open up.

It’s the same with the Marmas – when treated gently, the energy starts flowing freely through these points, blockages are released, symptoms recede. Sometimes symptoms disappear so quickly, it almost feels ‘miraculous’, sometimes it takes a little longer.

And who ‘invented’ Maharishi or Sukshma Marma Therapy? Of course it’s not so much invention as rediscovery. The Marmas were always there. The rediscovery was putting together the knowledge of the Marma points and the amazing rediscovery of the power of gentleness.

Who invented Marma Therapy – the wonderful Dr Ernst Schrott

It was a brilliant German doctor, Dr Ernst Schrott, who became fascinated by the enormous healing potential of the Marmas in the 1990s. He began to investigate them and found that the 107 principal Marmas were listed in an ancient Ayurvedic text, the Sushruta Samhita.

When talking about his own inspiration, Dr Schrott spoke about the great Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who called the Marmas ‘cosmic switchboards’ that connect the individual to their inner and outer environment. Maharishi had always spoken of the delicacy of the Marmas and how they should be treated like a mother treats her baby. This is the spark that inspired Dr Schrott to develop the Sukshma Marma concept.

Dr Scrott visited Ayurvedic Marma specialists around India. He spoke to Kalari martial arts experts, who use Marmas in their techniques, in southern India. And he worked closely with Dr Ramanuja Raju, an experienced Marma therapist and also a brilliant Ayurvedic pulse diagnostician. In fact, Dr Raju is one of the authors of the brilliant reference work ‘Marma Therapy, the Healing Power of Ayurvedic Vital Point Massage’.

Dr Schrott then began using the knowledge of Marma Therapy treatment in self-treatment, and in his own medical practice in Germany with extraordinary success. After some years, he began to train others in what he called Sukshma Marma Therapy.

And I was one of the lucky people who attended his courses.

More about the amazing Dr Ernst Schrott: https://marmatherapy.org/the-wonderful-dr-ernst-schrott/