Distance Therapy

Attention without touch is one of many ways in which the Marmas can be treated. While treatments are generally done in person using the gentle massage treatment that is Sukshma Marma Therapy, distance treatments are also available.

Treatments on the level of consciousness can be very helpful, especially if it is difficult to get to a therapist or else to complement other treatments.

If you are interested in a distance treatment for yourself or someone you know, this is how it works: you would first have a brief consultation, which can either be in person or by Skype/WhatsApp etc. so that we can discuss any issues, and then together we can decide the direction to take to try to remedy the situation.

After that, using ‘attention without touch’, treatments are provided on the level of consciousness, and from time to time I ask you for feedback to find out what changes you are experiencing.


The cost is £65, payable in advance. This payment covers an initial consultation, daily distance treatments for a period of three weeks, with a couple of contacts for feedback during that time. At the end of the three weeks, the situation is reviewed and the client decides whether or not to continue. There is no obligation or long-term commitment.

Reviews of distance treatments

I first met Marek through a mutual friend and we arranged for him to provide a talk and demonstration of Marma Therapy at the wellbeing centre I run in Ardingly. During that first meeting I mentioned that I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness in the back of my neck which other treatments had been unable to resolve. It became so uncomfortable, especially on waking each morning, that I had to physically ‘lift’ my head off the pillow in order to move. Marek provided some healing by distance and I have to say the results were amazing. Whatever energy I was holding onto there was immediately lifted and I was relieved of the pain; it hasn’t returned since. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marek. He is a kind, compassionate and highly effective healer.

From someone with a long-term neck pain

‘Hi Marek, hope you are well? I thought I’d check in and tell you how I’m getting along. Generally very good but, quite interestingly, I have experienced small bouts of things that then went away. For instance, a migraine that started to come on and just when it would have been full on, it went away; I started to get eczema on my back, which is usually very inflammatory and uncomfortable, but it is already going before it has fully developed. My menopausal hot flushes got really intense one day and now they are much better etc… I’m sleeping better too and long-term problems I have been trying to sort out/let go seem to be resolving or I’m getting more clarity of how to solve them. Hope this has been helpful.’

From a mother who asked for help with her son who had just gone to university and was having problems with low self-esteem as well as physical pain due to locked emotions in the body. After some distance treatment, I felt that the situation was much improved and also that there was a new person in the son’s life who was having a very positive influence on him:

‘His realisation was he is not alone and he does not have to walk the path alone without his family….it was beautiful. He has girls in his house and 1 of the girls has ME but she is very positive and proactive and she is a guiding light to him. Thank you for all your efforts’

From a lady who had a number of issues and was looking for a way forward