Hi Marek! Thank you so much again for the wonderful therapy, I had the best sleep for months on Wednesday night And I only noticed last night how straight my broken finger has become since my Marma session, it’s amazing! It’s had more movement and less pain than it’s had for two years and now it’s almost straight again… Thank you so much, you are truly wonderful!’
Tania L

Thank you so very much for the amazing treatment you gave me on Wednesday. I have never switched off in quite the way I did. You really do have an amazing energy and magical hands. I really appreciate what you opened my eyes to.
Nat N

That was amazing! What did you do? Things from the past were being released – I didn’t even know what they were. Orange-yellow light. Lovely! Keep doing this until you’re 90 (unless you’re 90 already?).
Mim K

Very relaxing. It’s quite amazing because usually a massage means pressure into the muscles but this is such a light touch, it’s amazing. My shoulder feels more relaxed. When I came in I was all tensed up. Now I feel everything is flowing again.
Janet P

I feel I’ve got a new back! So relaxing!
Louise N

‘Miracoloso! Sono dei miracoli’. (‘Miraculous! These are miracles!’ – after sinusitis headache went away following the treatment).
Ila D

[Road traffic accident 32 years ago resulted in the loss of the sense of taste and smell. Doctors told her the nerve had been severed. After two 12-minute sessions of Sukshma Marma, her nose started twitching as an essential oil blend was applied to Marma points on her face and, for the first time in 32 years, she was starting to notice the smell.]
Janine G

Lovely, so relaxing, and the back [pain]… it’s just gone!
Annabel T

Felt very calm for hours after the treatment. I had some sciatica, and that went.

Dear Marek, I wanted to thank you for coming round and giving me the unexpected benefit of your beautiful healing powers, it was such a pleasure seeing you and finding out how powerful your gift is! I have to tell you the pain and swelling in my left wrist has gone since you attended to it with the marma points and oil, which is quite wonderful. I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip back tomorrow, and hope you and Annie can come back soon in the summer. And keep up the good healing work. Can you work long distance on my ankle too?!Lovely, so relaxing, and the back [pain]… it’s just gone!
Pam L

That was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. You went absolutely to the right place and I can feel it unwinding [problems following falling and hitting head on a sharp rock]. I feel like dancing. I knew I had to come here today and now I know it was to meet you. Thank you so much!

(Trapped nerve, numbness in arm and tingling in fingers): ‘Felt the pain move, it’s gone now. Thank you.’
David F

I was feeling like a puppet with all the strings tangled up, in danger of breaking – it felt like you were untangling the strings.
Tracy K

Once again, thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday: the amazing feeling has continued into today (despite the best efforts of our neighbour who has been strimming loudly for eons and some challenging legal work!) As I hope I have said before, you really are a most extraordinarily gifted healer and it is such a gift to me to benefit from the magic that flows through you. Thank you.
Katie B

I thought – it’s time to see Marek. Afterwards, I feel good for 3 days. Peace, no pain. It helps a lot. I don’t know how it works but it works.
Simone S

This was the best thing I could have done today, coming here. Beginning to feel like myself again.
Elisa I

My back’s getting better by leaps and bounds, thanks to the miracle treatments.
Annie D

It was really, really good. It’s very relaxing, I wasn’t expecting to be as relaxed as I was. When you started on the back, I was feeling a bit tense, but there was just a nice gentle slide into relaxation. Really nice, really good. I was surprised at how relaxed I got – I’ve had massages before but haven’t been so relaxed.
Reg S

Particularly my right shoulder feels 100% healed since the treatment, and it had been bothering me since before Christmas. So, that was major. Also my left foot which was a little bruised was almost nearly cleared by the following morning. I am so very grateful for your amazing, refined work.
Dorothy R

I can move my head much further to the right and can move my arm further behind me’ (Clapped her hands behind her back!)
Solenn M

Hello Marek, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing you at your beautiful space last week and how much your wonderful marma touch stayed with me. I felt very much at peace within and the next day a lot of old emotions surfaced from my heart – thank you so much for your healing touch and helping those to be released. You’ve got a wonderful gift and your guidance to bring it even more into the world is spot on – the world needs it.
Carmen F

Crikey! That was amazing! Felt like you were pulling the pain out of me.
Susan H

I had a headache when I came here – now it’s gone. Result!
Jennifer D

The treatment was lovely, thank you. I felt very peaceful and relaxed and the feeling stayed with me for days! My neck and shoulders felt much better by Friday evening and I haven’t been bothered by the pain since.
Stef J

It was like the discomfort, the emotional pain and depression turned to joy.
Pooja K