back pain relief

Back pain?

Back pain? It can be awful, or an ache or a niggle. And so many people get it. I’ve found that Marma therapy is extraordinarily helpful, while at the same time being totally gentle and non-invasive (the last thing you want when It’s hurting is for someone to prod you!).

Sometimes it needs barely a touch – one time a lady was sitting for a talk but complained of back pain, and I asked if I could put my hand over the appropriate Marma point. When she agreed, I just put my hand there for a few seconds. Later she came up to me and said: ‘What did you do – the pain has gone?’

Sometimes it needs a bit more of a treatment, which can be done standing up, just a few minutes, but again the results can be very quick.

Where the pain has been there some time, it may need a full back treatment on the massage couch, with a gentle treatment using a blend of essential oils and finishing with a hot towel. A social media expert with a bad back said after a back treatment: ‘I feel I’ve got a new back! So relaxing!’

Both relaxing and therapeutic

Which brings me to another point: the treatments are incredibly relaxing, as well as helping with the back. A local businessman hobbled in recently – every now and then he has severe back problems and has to be taken by ambulance to hospital, because he is totally incapacitated and just falls to the ground. Well, he hobbled in but walked out. He also commented that: ‘You know, this is the only place I really relax’.

And there are also people with acute pain who require several short treatments over a few days.

Please visit my Testimonials Page to read reviews, many mentioning the relief of back pain.

So if you know anyone with a back problem, please encourage them to come for a Marma treatment!