Schooner Gallant – and other local eco-heroes

This is the schooner Gallant in Newhaven for its annual visit. It’s a brilliant concept: a wind-powered sailing vessel bringing organic olive oil from Portugal to individual buyers and restaurants in East Sussex. It’s just one example of local eco-heroes.

I love this trend to eco-friendly business. One friend of mine sells eco-friendly products like shampoo bars, bamboo socks and organic lip balm.

Another friend used to design outrageous frocks for ballroom and Latin dancers, including Strictly. But when the pandemic shut down dancing, she had to change her product line – quickly! Now she creates handbags made from cork, saving the planet, as she says, ‘one bag at a time!’

A third sells eco cleaning cloths that require no chemicals – you know that great pile of chemicals that you keep under the sink? Well, you don’t need them.

Big businesses, too – not just local eco-heroes!

These are small businesses with local eco-heroes, but there are plenty of big businesses going eco, too: the electric car maker Tesla now has a larger market capitalisation than General Motors; a clean energy company recently (if briefly!) overtook oil giant ExxonMobil; and from Newhaven we can see the Rampion offshore wind farm. There’s a huge transformation taking place on many levels, outer and inner.

A couple of years ago I gave an entrepreneurial friend a Marma treatment. Afterwards he rushed off, forgetting the advice to rest before driving after the treatment, and got a speeding ticket. When he had received his ticket, he then drove through a red light!

And so it went on, until, a little later, his mind cleared and he suddenly had some incredibly brilliant business ideas. They had the potential to make a considerable amount of money for him.

When I next saw him, I felt quite nervous: I didn’t know if he would blame me for his initial problems. Instead, he told me I should charge thousands of pounds for the treatments, because of the potential business breakthroughs.

Interestingly, although no one has since had quite such a dramatic outcome (or they haven’t told me about it!) many people have reported not just about improvements in specific conditions, but also about some step change in their lives that took place after a treatment.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me!