Feeling like a cracked pot – how Marma Therapy let light in through the cracks

Letting the light in: last week a client with severe depression came for a Marma treatment. When I spoke of the importance of seeing a doctor,  she said that this was almost impossible at present. Only telephone consultations are available. You don’t know when the doctor will phone, and she’s at work during the day. If you miss a doctor’s call, you have to start from the beginning.

She also said that she felt like a broken piece of pottery, in shards, and saw no way to put the pieces together again.

I gave her a Maharishi Marma treatment focused on general wellbeing, plus a couple of areas of specific concern in the neck and shoulder. She left the treatment room smiling.

The next day she wrote to say that she had taken a week off work for self-care, had been able to find a doctor to help her with hormonal issues, and enclosed a picture of a broken pot that had been mended with gold (Japanese art form: Kintsugi https://mymodernmet.com/kintsugi-kintsukuroi/) with the caption ‘Cracks allow the light to get in’.

Cracks allow the light in

A teacher friend of mine was telling me how the pressure of work is ‘unrelenting’. She works with children who need special care, and said that so many more children are being referred for autism and many other problems, particularly mental health issues. And she said that she knows many other front-line workers in the teaching, health and caring professions who  struggle with the ever-increasing workloads.

When I look round at our institutions and the financial situation of the country, it’s as if they are cracking. How will people cope with the rise in energy and food prices? How can people deal with sickness if they can’t access healthcare? Not to mention the risks posed by climate change. Or problems with the government. See where this is going? As existing systems crack, they are beginning to let in the light. The knowledge and technologies are already there to solve these problems, they just need to be used.

If you would like to read more about some of the solutions currently available, I recently wrote about problems and solutions.