Taste and smell return!


Taste and smell return for a Marma Therapy client!

‘I fell on the 4thOctober 2017 resulting in a 6-week induced coma, lucky to be alive albeit with a fractured skull, then 3 months rehab and I had lost my taste and smell.

I met Marek at a local Wellbeing show where, as an energy healer, I was intrigued, he did a small amount of work on my face and suggested a full appointment.

The result of this has been amazing, to say the least!!

On the day of treatment I was able by the end of the session to smell the oil that had been applied!!

Since then: I smelt the cucumber that was on Nicola’s plate this morning, had an emotional meal where eggs and chips tasted fantastic!! Walking past an open window after the rain I could smell the damp earth – and I bought a scented candle!!

I would love to carry on with the Marma therapy and would love to train in this.’

Such a lovely result!

Taste and smell return for Marma student

A couple of years previously I was on a Marma Therapy training course. One of the students had been in a car accident 32 years previously.  After the crash she lost the senses of taste and smell permanently – or so she thought.

We gave her face, head and neck treatments to see if Marma Therapy would help taste and smell return. When I treated points around the nose, I noticed that the end of her nose started twitching, moving left and right. It seemed to have a life of its own!

Amazing! I didn’t want to interrupt the treatment by speaking to her, so I waited until the end. She then said that she had smelt something of the aroma of the essential oil – for the first time after so many years. What a wonderful outcome.

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