Clients Describe Experiences of Bliss During Marma Treatments

Clients generally come because of some specific issue, or for the deep relaxation. But, in addition to those benefits, some people experience more. Here are some examples of delightful experiences of bliss:

‘Wow! Amazing! Just lovely. Pure, sheer bliss!’

‘My treatment was so blissful, and so profound in its effects. I could feel the healing and revitalising effect of it travelling blissfully to all the parts of my body, and felt knots being released. It’s so extraordinary that such subtle, delicate touches can bring this depth of holistic enlivenment and transformation.’

‘Thank you ever so much.  It was a wonderfully blissful experience.’

‘Thank you so much for the blissful treatment. I feel my fussy Vata calmed down. You have a real gift.’

‘Wow, that was the most relaxed I’ve ever ever been having any kind of treatment. Hearing the birds, the blinds knocking against the windows, it was so blissful, so blissful… I’ve never ever felt so relaxed in my life … and just within a few minutes.’

‘Bliss! That was heavenly’

‘Wow, that is quite spectacular! Kind of half-meditative state all through. That’s amazing, Marek, I didn’t expect it to be so special. Now, I just feel bliss.’

‘My treatments from you have always been incredible but yesterday’s experience was wholly beyond words and, as I said, utterly blissful. Thank you with all my heart.’

‘Monday was simply extraordinary: it was so, so deep and so, so beautiful that it is impossible to describe with words. I veritably floated home, feeling like the world was now a place of complete peace, harmony and joy – blissful!

‘Don’t want to break the bliss with talking. Went into bliss, into more bliss.. That was very powerful. Amazing, just amazing!’

Of course, not everyone experiences ‘bliss’, but it’s surprising just how many clients do use that word.

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