Leg pain issues

A week of leg pain issues

Leg pain issues

Sometimes you have a run of similar conditions – this was a week with several leg pain issues.

A client came with pain in her foot and ankle. She had fractured her foot while walking her dog on the Downs. She then had an operation during which a titanium plate, screws and wire were inserted and the break was gradually healing, but she was still experiencing pain. I did a scar and foot treatment, after which she wrote:

‘Thank you so much for the Marma treatment! I felt marvellous during and after the treatment, it was very calming and enjoyable.  What I didn’t expect though is what a difference it made to  the shooting pains I’ve been experiencing during the evenings.  Usually when I get into bed for the night the ankle starts to complain a bit with irritating shooting pains, but on Tuesday there wasn’t any of that at all, and it continued feeling great the following day.

I wish I could come over more often for more treatments!.’

A second client had painful hips. She said it might have been made worse by some weight training she had been doing. After the treatment she said: ‘That was absolutely divine, really lovely.’ Then she bent down to pick up her bag and said: ‘The hips aren’t hurting, I can bend down!’

Relaxing and therapeutic

A third client had landed from a height onto her heel. It hurt a lot so she went to A&E. Fortunately the X-Ray showed there was no fracture but, weeks later, she was still having problems putting weight on the foot. A day after the treatment she wrote: ‘Thank you .. for the ..sublime treatment yesterday.  Amazing. I feel so very blessed… My foot is also much better too. Wishing you a beautiful day and look forward to our next session.’

What these comments show, I think, is that Marma Therapy can be very helpful in different types of leg pain, while at the same time being relaxing and enjoyable.