Book - Marma Therapy, The Healing Power of Ayurvedic Vital Point Massage

Have you read Marma Therapy – the book?

Marma Therapy – The Healing Power of Ayurvedic Vital Point Massage by Dr Ernst Schrott

How do you translate from a language you don’t know? That’s the problem I had when Dr Schrott invited me to translate his brilliant book ‘Marmatherapie’ from German into English so that it could reach a wider audience. I had been translating professionally for over 20 years, but I translate from Polish, French and Italian into English. The solution? A combination of modern technology – online translation – to create the initial draft, plus Dr Schrott’s wonderful attention. Over the course of a year we connected by Skype – he would have an hour available after his medical practice closed, or during a weekend, and I might be in the UK, Italy, India or America – and we would go over every sentence, many times, to make sure that it conveyed the correct information. And that’s how we translated Marma Therapy – the Book.

As we worked through the book, I would ask questions about anything unfamiliar in the text. For me, it was an advanced course in Marma with the world’s best tutor. But it also resulted in the English text having more advanced information than the German original. So Dr Schrott then updated the original to reflect the new English-language version!

Going through the text with Dr Schrott was such an amazing privilege. I could see that the book contained extraordinary information that could benefit every individual and every family. Simply put, this was information to improve health, prevent illness and treat everyday complaints using the simplest of healing methods – a gentle healing touch of Marma points on the body.

The 3 main sections of Marma Therapy – the book

The book ‘Marma Therapy – The Healing Power of Ayurvedic Vital Point Massage’ by Dr Ernst Schrott has three main sections. The first provides background and explains some of the benefits. Using Marma therapy ‘we can improve eyesight, balance the digestive system, alleviate headaches, reduce tension and alleviate or cure many other everyday complaints’. It explains how we all have healing power in our hands and how we can use this.

This first section also explains what the Marmas are and how they are connected to each other and to joints, organs and organ systems as well as to the inner Self or ‘Atma’. This reconnection of the individual to their inner Self is what makes the gentle or ‘Sukshma’ Marma approach so powerful, and makes treatments blissful and relaxing. The Marmas also connect the individual to the outer environment. In the words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the great Vedic scholar and teacher, they are a ‘cosmic switchboard’.

Very practically, there is information about the hierarchical order and structure of the Marmas, how they relate to Ayurvedic principles, types of Marma therapy and different treatment approaches and methods.

Parts 2 and 3

The second part lists the 107 principal Marmas. There are two pages of information for each Marma, with illustrations and photographs. This information includes the conditions for which you would treat this Marma, how to find it, and how to treat it for yourself or for a partner. This is an incredibly useful, straightforward, systematic and well-illustrated guide to self- and partner-treatment. It is a wonderful reference guide for both therapists and non-therapists.

The final part of the book has some amazing gems! There is an extraordinarily helpful chapter entitled ‘Supporting Self-healing with Marmas and Ayurveda’. This includes a section with a list of different conditions that can be treated with Marma Therapy. The conditions include back, neck and joint pain, menstrual disorders, anxiety and skin disorders, among many other everyday complaints.

Marmas and the moon

Another section is about the moon and Marmas. We know that the movement of the moon creates tidal flows in waters all over the world every day. And of course every sailor knows that the highest tides occur after the new moon and full moon. Dr Schrott explains that the moon also affects the Marmas as it travels through the lunar month. He lists which Marma gets ‘lit up’ on each day and how to use this knowledge to treat specific conditions and to increase overall vitality.

Finally, there is a useful index that includes the everyday complaints mentioned in the book. These refer you to descriptions of the Marmas to treat – and in which order – for those conditions. All in all, Marma Therapy – the book is a straightforward and well-illustrated reference guide to the Marmas – and I use it regularly. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work on the translation – it’s been an invaluable companion in my practice.


You can buy a copy of ‘Marma Therapy’ from me if you are visiting (I’ll even sign it for you if you wish!) or buy it from Amazon here.